Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Another day

I'm not sure who taught me to count; "Day 1" and the next post is "Day 3". I must be enjoying my vacation a little too much!

Hannah and I have spent the past two days together shopping an eating out while My Honey worked (except Monday) and Bubba fished. Grandpa took him three times! They didn't catch much, they usually don't, but Bubba loves it. I am really grateful that Grandpa will take him. Fishing just isn't my thing. Too much sitting around (that from me, who can sit for hours and surf or read or knit...)

Speaking of knitting. When LK was here last, I figured out what I was doing wrong in my latest project so I tore all four feet of it out and started over. I'm pretty close to finished now. It's a scarf for one of my lovelies at work. She liked the look of it, so I took it on. What a project! I learned a ton. I learned how to knit a lace-looking pattern. I learned that I can do it, I just have to be patient with myself and the process, I have to be willing to start over from the beginning. To stick with it. Hmmm, just like in so many other things.

Bubba and I spent the day together today. We set out for cinnamon rolls or butter horns for breakfast and struck out. Three times. We finally just settled for these deep fried pancake-things at Denny's. Then it was off to shop. Of course he wanted to check out the fishing things at the outdoor store where we ran into Grandpa. My Honey stopped by on his lunch hour, because we were still there. Bubba finally decided on some hooks and some weights. We then went to Costco to run my errand (a new life jacket for him) and then finally to Fred Meyer for more outdoor stuff, or dollar-toys. There we ran into my sister Michelle and Madi. Nice. We visited while the kids looked around the toy an outdoor aisles. Perfect. The grown ups didn't leave with a thing. Good job us!

Tonite we have all of us together and well for the first time since .... Friday night? Guess I better start thinking about dinner!

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