Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Evening Hockey

Well, I went and played hockey last night....

Fun stuff! It's a group of women and novice men playing together. The teams were pretty even and we had a variety of good-to-better players. My game was okay. We played drop-in style, so you get to play whatever position is coming off the ice which means it's different every time. I had to play center a few times, which I am not familiar with, so it challenged me in a good way. The whole night did, actually.

I left home kind of stressing about how it was gonna go and if I would know anyone, turned out the only folks I didn't know were the guys. A dozen of my Banshee ladies were there, so that made me very comfortable to start out.

We played four-15 minute periods, which is a lot of ice time, which equals a great workout and hundreds of calories burned. I even stepped out of my old comfort zone of not asking people their names to asking names! I've become a natural. Well, not quite, but it's getting easier. And at the end, I got invited to go on a hike this afternoon. Maybe I am coming around.

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