Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hannah is downstairs right now complaining to Bubba that I am a mean Mom because I wont get her a band aid for a wee paper cut. We're talking mass tears and hysteria. Oy vey.

Kids for sale.

I was going to work up a description, but I think I will use this picture instead, since it reminds me of how cute they really are...

We had a yard sale over the weekend. The kids sold "refreshments, flys and toys". Hannah would literally walk up to anyone and say "Would you like to buy some refreshments at our stand over there?" It was cute, in an embarrassing kind of way. Bubba was looking for prospective customers for his flies. The kid loves to tie flies (for fly-fishing which he doesn't do yet). Any man in cammo was a prospect so were any boy-kids. Hannah accosted every girl-child and sold her a toy. Here was her technique - "Hi, would you like to buy a toy? They're right over here," and she would take them by the hand and direct them to the toys. She would hover and make sure the kid saw all the toys and picked one out then she would take them by the hand to the parent and say "Your kid picked out this toy, its twenty-five cents." Thats it. She had a 100% success rate.

I'm trying to think of the name of this technique from all the sales books I used to read from a previous life, and it just doesn't fit. About the only thing she did right was not take "No" for an answer. It was hilarious, embarrassing and kind of weird to watch. I finally had enough, I could just hear some parent coming up to me and telling me how aggressive my daughter was being and could I please put her back in her cage, so I finally called Grandma to come get them so I could relax. Funny thing, we didn't sell a single toy after that.

 Samples of Bubba's flies

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The Loidhamer Family said...

Must be something in the air or the phase of the moon or something, cause mine is driving me crazy, too!