Saturday, February 11, 2012


I'm the whiskey-drinking toque-wearing hockey player that can pour a mean cuppa coffee. Pretty bad-ass huh? They're calling me "JD" today because I drank whiskey last night. It cracks me up. I think I will just suggest they call me "whiskey".

We have lost our first two games, which pretty much means we don't play in the championship game tomorrow. I'm kind of relieved. Four games will be plenty!

Last nights game was alright. I am playing wing so I had to get my mind into the different position. It took me awhile. I feel bad because I am one of the worst players on our team but I am doing my best I just hate it that I'm not that good.

This mornings game was a little better. I'm finding myself afraid of the boards for some reason and I am finding myself second guessing what to do with the puck. For instance, we were in front of the net (the one we should shoot into) and I hit the puck AWAY from it. What the hell? Another time I was totally in position to get the puck and there wasn't anyone around and I slowed down and I don't know what. The corner was completely open and I choked. I have a lot of self-talk going on out there "skate TO the puck. Don't slow down." Hopedully I can pull it all together by our third game at 5.

But I am having a really great time!

Toque = hat

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