Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Wow. Looking over my posts I realize I'm not paying attention, or cant see the screen very well, when I use my iPhone to blog. My grammar is horrible! I am missing commas, the spelling is correct, but the wrong word (walker-walk should have been walkIE-walk) and it just reads horribly. I guess that's what happens when I don't get to proof-read. When I am using my first draft. Kind of pathetic.

I'm home with a sick kid today. Hannah woke up coughing so hard she threw up last night so I called out sick. She is low-energy, but not sick-sick. Unfortunately, she was supposed to be in a play this week, today is the first day of rehearsal and I think she isn't going to be able to do it. She is supposed to be a monkey which I assume requires some running around and she just doesn't seem up to it.

Canada is two days away. I have my gear airing out, found my passport, plans to go to the bank for monies tomorrow and I have started a shopping list so the family can survive without me. Speaking of, My Honey did a super great job of surviving without me when I went to Spokane. And a super great job of taking care of me when I got home. I did take Monday off (and now I have today off due to a sick kid) so I am feeling pretty good about getting some stuff done before I go (maybe cleaning the house a little??) and when I get home (I scheduled a massage and chiropractor visit for Monday) which is helping my stress a little.

(About two hours later):

Well she is off to school, the dog is walked and I still have the rest of the day off.  Time to get MY day started I guess.

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