Sunday, February 26, 2012


Well, we played our games, lost two and won one. No championship for us. But we got bragging rights!

In the second game we got walloped! Seriously bad. Zero, six. I played defense which was a kick in the pants (when I got my turn, but that's another story for another day.) We won our third game against our other novice team -- yes, I was assigned to novice, good thing, its where I belong -- so that's where we get the bragging rights.

In the third game I played defense and got a good amount of ice time. I had a great 14-year old D-partner THAT I KEPT UP WITH, and it was all good. I feel like I really got into the game the last two periods and that I could really, really like defense! Really! I also got interviewed by a local newspaper writer and the stuff I said was used in an article in the weekend paper! Yeah, I'm pretty cool. And old. The writer made me give him my age and THEN he published it! I do make a good story, "41 year old non-athlete turned hockey player". That's not really what he wrote, but it could have been.

I'm trying not to think of hockey as nearly being over. But it's true. One more month. Boo.

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LSL said...

I've been loving all the hockey updates! I don't want it to end, either :)