Thursday, February 09, 2012

For today

You see the branch between the two trees? Hardly. You know why? Because it became irrelevant. The trees figured out how to survive around it. And now hardly anyone notices it.
We have been having mindful, deep talks at work lately. This represented one of our talks really well.
I am going to miss this shift when I change in April. Usn's are getting along really well.

I don't know why, but I prefer looking up the stairs.

Yes, she is standing in the water. Brrrrr!

This picture looks a lot cooler than the original actually was. Gotta love editing :)

I got out for a walk after getting the kids off to school.
Now, I need to get the rest of my stuff done to leave town tomorrow!!! :)

My expectation for this trip is very much different than the trip to Spokane. I am not expecting a lot of alone time. I am expecting to feel depleted from getting to know people (in a good way) and I am expecting a fair amount of fun! I also know that I have a day to recover when I get home which helps a LOT!

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