Monday, January 09, 2012

Shoot, shoot, shoot

Finally a night on the ice! I've missed it since December!! I glided onto the ice and giggled a little, took a deep breath, and wishes out loud that I knew some fancy move to show the ice how much I missed it. Alas, I only know hockey moves so I got busy warming up with a few laps, some stretching and them I found a puck and worked it around the rink until our start-whistle blew.

We worked on our shots last night, and I'm not talking about jello-shots either. We found a place along the boards and worked them. Forehand and backhand. Find a spot on the board, look there and most importantly, point your stick there at the end of your shot. Kind of like keeping your eye on the ball when your batting, I guess, only you keep your eye on the stick. So much to remember.

Anyway we worked on this for a good long while and Coach Cal observed me for awhile-which makes me nervous- but he said he likes my technique, just work on this one detail. YAY!! I was doing something right(ish). Or maybe he's figured out that I can only focus in one thing at a time? Either way I felt good about my shooting.

Fun weekend coming up, my sister will be here, a little scrimmage, a family dinner and our final Christmas.

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