Friday, January 27, 2012

I did it

Got up early and went to practice. It's a good plan. I'll sleep better tonite because of it.

We did a couple great drills. We started with the nets set up at center ice, skated up the boards with a puck, hit it around a bucket (opponent) and then into the net. Coach started us out on our back hand so webwere very unsuccessful at making goals. Well, I'll be honest, I probably only made two goals anyway. On my forehand or backhand. But it was a good drill. Worked our speed, thinking, shots and playing it off the boards.

Good stuff. Then we did some penalty practice drills. We played as though we had a gal in the penalty box. It could happen! So it is good to practice. Very. I played a lot of defense so I would have that in my memory for this weekend. HA! I leave in a few hours!

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