Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hockey Sunday

We had a noon practice today followed by a scrimmage. The practice was great, a LOT of puck-handling, tight turns, control drills. Control. Yeah, I am lacking in the control area. We did a really good drill where we skated up the ice, between a couple cones then zig-zagged through 5 more cones at center ice, rounding the last one, skating to the goal and taking a shot. Great drill!!! No control ... I finally gave it up and yelled at the coach "SHIT! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???!" So he called a halt to our drill and told us - well, me. I'm not turning my wrist, not protecting the puck. Oooooh. That. I suppose a few hours of practice would help that. Maybe I will try to check out stick & puck on Thursday.

My sister and nephew have been here since Saturday. What fun! We were able to spend some quality time outside yesterday (sledding in the sand) and today on a walk with the dog. It is always nice to have her around, she inspires me to cook (although the broccoli still needs to be made into soup) and its always a treat to have another kid around.And its always extra special when the extra kid is a cousin.  The kids have played pretty well, the most annoying thing they did was play Rock Hero on Wii. The tapping sounds of the guitar and drums were about all we could take!

Back to work tomorrow. Women's league tomorrow night, kids activities on Tuesday and Wednesday, our cooking -- actually nutrition -- class on Wednesday night, and a busy week of school work. Whew!

BUT! Only ten days until our tournament in Spokane. I'm getting pretty excited.

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