Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A new thing

I started a post earlier today, but it seems to have disappeared into my iPhone and now its lost. Oh well, I know what I want to say ....

I got invited to a Canadian hockey tournament!

Yeah, me. One of the gals on my team - well the intermediate team - also coordinates travelers to other tournaments around the area. She sent me an email a few days ago asking if I would like to go to a tournament in Canada in February. EEK!! Me? Granted, they are trying to fill slots on a recreational team which means (to me anyway) that they are looking for good, better and best players, but she considers me a good-enough good player to go! Yay! I'm kind of excited. I thought I would only get to one out of town tournament, but now I get one out of towner AND an international tourney too (hahaha)!

I skated women's league last night. Good times. It's taking me less time to get into the game, to realize what I am forgetting or what I need to work on. Unfortunately my brain has trouble deciding which direction we are shooting and I choked when I got the puck after the drop. "Oh shit, which way?" Ummmm, how about the direction you are facing, dumb ass? Oh yeah ....

About the second period I remembered I need to slow down and take my time receiving and passing the puck. Talk about a difference! After a few falls (most of which were caused by me being a DORK), a few crashes into the novice men (why don't they move??!!) and an awesome pass received right behind my shin guards on my calf (yeah baby, war-wounds). The third period came together pretty good. I remembered to move in toward the goal, I remembered to take my time with the puck, I remembered to keep my head up and I was remembering to MOVE TOWARD THE PUCK. Oh that's a big one. You mean it's not gonna come to me, I have to move toward it? Duh. Sometimes I pull out the blond in a big way!

It is good stuff though. I'm sure sorry I missed a few weeks of it.The game playing is exactly what I need. I will admit I got a little intimidated when the co-ed players were coming in for their ice time and stopped to watch.

So, Spokane here I come in January. BC we'll meet in February!

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