Monday, January 18, 2010


Well, my plans to go west were a bust, but it all worked out well. Lotsa down time, a short overtime shift (although the stress of THAT took a few beers), and the kids got to go to a movie today.

We have plans for this weekend to go to a hockey game (duh) so I checked out Craigslist for some tickets and found a pretty good deal for Saturday night, saved $10 off what we would normally pay and I think they are better seats; 6 rows from the glass (that's right near the ice) and directly behind the pipes (the goal). We watched from the same area the last game we went to and loved it so I was pretty stoked to find cheap tickets!!

Hmmm, I thought I had more to say. Just excited for the tickets I think!! Speaking of tickets, I get to go to another Nickelback concert in May :) They're playing at the Tacoma Dome so my dad's wife and I are going again. I'm excited for that, but its awhile away. Hmmm, yeah, that's it.

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