Thursday, January 28, 2010


Bummer, I had hoped to get something done today. Then the phone rang. At 7:30. Yeah, that's never good. Work. Can you come in anytime between 11 and 7 today? Ummm, maybe, let me check with a babysitter. Dang. She'll do it. Okay, be there from 11-3. Can't work any later than 3.

Yeah, I am too nice. It's my "long weekend" I have a day off with My Honey tomorrow, hockey tickets for Friday AND Saturday night so why the hell not? Four hours of overtime won't kill me.

My first Technology Committee meeting is today at 3:40. Turns out, Bubba's teacher is on the committee (YAY!) and she gave me a little background information that could be useful. Thanks Mrs. P!

I feel a little out of sorts the past couple of weeks. A good out of sorts, but still. Here's the short story: My Honey picked up a few of my little chores and as a result my schedule is a little disjointed. In a good way, but still, disjointed. Its working out really well, just taking some getting used to! And I wouldn't trade it! No way!

Things that could be done: Awwww, why would I do that to myself? The list is too long and it starts with clean so never mind!

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Misty Viebrock said...

Starts with "clean" boy do I hear you there. I have goodies from my house warming party that I would like to put up on the walls - but I'm a little challenged with the "drill" and worry about extra holes in the walls. I've been thinking though . . just go for it - step OUT OF THE CONMFORT ZONE. Sorry about your day off turning into a work day . . but thankful for you!