Saturday, January 30, 2010

Found the snow

Just because Yoga wasn't enough, we went snow shoeing yesterday. WOW! It can be a lot of work! I think my hamstrings are sore from Yoga, but my hip flexors are screaming from snow shoeing!

We went up to Mission Ridge, which has always seemed really far away to me, but its only 20 minutes, where they have a lot of groomed and un groomed trails. Unfortunately they are all uphill to start at quite an incline. The road took us near the chair lift which is FOREVER-high off the ground. I can't believe I ever rode that thing. As we made our ascent we saw lots of people on the chair lift including our nephew! How odd -- shouldn't he be in school? Nope, he told us he had the day off.

It was very fun. Foggy, but good to be out in the grey weather doing something. I have let the grey, foggy, blah weather get to me. Time to get back at it! We ate in the lodge at Mission Ridge (we weren't cool enough for the boys though, they wanted to eat with their buddies) and then came home for an afternoon nap before the kids got out of school.

Later My Honey and I went to the hockey game. Hopefully they will play better tonight!


Misty Viebrock said...

Yay for snow shoeing my friend!! I would probably be quite embarassed if I even tried going with you . . I'm super duper out of shape!!

Yay for you and your honey (some time together, ahhhh).

The Loidhamer Family said...

Too short hair? Never! I love it and he even had enough to spike up in a mini-fauxhawk. Nice! I should race right over to enjoy the clean house...