Thursday, January 07, 2010


*sigh* it's about time

I needed a hair cut and color SO BAD! So. Bad.

Found me a new girl named Rosa that I think I will like. What was most interesting was her salon. Office, really. She works in a building with 5 other stylists, but they each have their own office-type space. I am not sure if I just liked it or REALLY liked it. Her space was great, dark grey, red and black. Very clean, very minimalist. Sort of art-deco-y. I am kind of art-deco-y I think. More than I thought. I have always thought I was sort of traditional or maybe country-ish. But no, maybe not.

She did a great job, cute, shorter cut than I have had in awhile, lots of bold streaks. Took out the last of the off-color from my home color last spring. Glad to be rid of that!!!!

It's the start of my new schedule, new days off, back to school and all that this week. Shew! It's been a little hairy. Next week Bubba is out of school early on Friday and no school Monday, and I took the day off so we are going to head west. We should be able to leave at noon Friday, and then take our time coming back Monday. Hopefully the weather holds (no snow). It will be nice to spend a few days at my Dad's or my sister's ...??? Hmmmm, maybe. What say you sis?

And cold .... its cold again. Have me a fire burning as I write. Glad I have a fire place for burning in!


The Loidhamer Family said...

I work late on Friday (late is relative for me... not usually later than 7pm, usually earlier on a Friday) then I'm off until Wed. You are more than welcome anytime. Let me know what you decide.

The Loidhamer Family said...

Where's the picture of the hair? Can't wait to see it.

LSL said...

The hair sounds great! Doesn't a new look feel great?