Monday, May 16, 2011

Women's Drop In

OOOOh, thank goodness for face book and email.

I got word about women's league or drop-in hockey, so I went! Fun stuff!

The format is kind of like a pickup basketball game (I guess, I never played). You show up, sign in and play. We only had 7 players (and two goalies) so we played 3 on 4. 20 minute run-time periods. Well a 20 and two 15's. That's a lotta hockey. But it was FUN!

I didn't skate so well the first period. My feet were turning in, it was like I was skating on my insole, I remembered the same thing happened during the Iron (Wo)Man tourney, so I tried to remember what I was doing different. How about smart-feet insoles in my skates? Yeah. That was the problem. I added them thinking it would help my feet ache less, but didn't account for the added height which made my skate boot seem too short and not offer enough support to my ankles resulting in skating on the insides of my feet. Once I took the insoles out, perfecto. My skating improved, and my ankles quit hurting. It will probably help my knees too. (Note to self: sharpen skates.)

My team was pretty great. Next time I will ask a LOT more questions. The problem is I need to ask when its happening because I cannot remember what I was doing or how to ask when it's done. I need to find the nearest person and say "Was that what I should have done? What should I do in an instance like that? Where did you want me to be?" or whatever. It was still good to get out on the ice, to meet up with some of my team mates and play. Ahhh.

Today I got a TON of stuff done ... Including signing Hannah up for kindergarten. Can you believe this little thing is going into kindergarten in August? Me either! I signed myself up for hockey classes that start in June. I got some grocery and miscellaneous shopping done and I had coffee with my girl DW.

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