Sunday, May 01, 2011

Oh my aching ...

Game three was a total loss. We got clobbered!  Their team was stacked though, two of my coaches, the tournament director, her brother and an ace-in-the-hole player from our Banshees. We didn't stand a chance. Not only that, they have all played together before so they had a better rhythm than our team and me. No, I don't feel bad about my performance at all, but I could sure use some ice time with the co-eds. I need to look into it and see what I can work out. Oh, but there is that matter of a stick. Must. Get. Stick. Soon!

I played better for the third game, note to self: EAT SOMETHING between games. A granola bar was not enough. Ribs, yogurt, and a PB & J sandwich were nearly enough. One of the guys even commented about how much better I played. Definitely need food.

They tried, but I didn't score. They did try though. And I crashed. Holy crap did I crash. Me and a dude from the other team, head to head and then to our knees. I think. Thankfully there were only 20 seconds left in the game, I really don't know if I would have been able to go for 5 minutes! I would have tried tho.  "Freaking Awesome" is what one of my co-workers that came to the game said. Yeah, it was. I am sure it will feel freaking awesome tomorrow too. I am nursing myself with Advil, cold beer and ice tonite. I will call the chiropractor first thing in the morning.

Another note: three-game sweat is rank! Totally gross! Some things just don't dry out.

The awesome thing? I didn't quit during the second game when I was nearly in tears from the pain in my shins and back. I really couldn't quit, but I found a voice in my head that just kept encouraging me on. "Work through it. Breathe into the pain (thanks Yoga). Only (insert number) minutes left."


The Loidhamer Family said...

Way to go!

LSL said...

Super, super awesome and very admirable! Love hearing about it!