Sunday, May 01, 2011

Iron (Wo)Man

Yeah. So there is this hockey tournament this weekend. The First Annual Spring Thaw Iron Man Tournament. A one day event, guaranteed three games. I signed up, I got placed on a team... HOLY CRAP!

First, I have not been on the ice since March 25th. Second, I am playing with a too-short stick. Third, and this is the most important: an Iron Man tournament is where you play straight through, one two-minute rest period, no switching out. I guess that's what "Iron Man" means. HOLY CRAP!

I am loving it though! There is one other Banshee player on my team and three guys. One I went to high school with, (but didn't "know", I might have had a crush on him though ...) the other two I don't know. The dudes have played together before and, bless their hearts, keep trying to set me up to score a goal. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Our first game was at 9:00 and we won 5-2. I didn't get the puck much, but that's alright with me. Our second game was at 10:55, we won 2-0. I got all suited up, got onto the ice for our second game and nearly buckled from the pain in my shins and knees. My knees are sore from the too short stick, my shins are sore from the skating (I wonder how they will be for the third game?) but I am having a blast. The dudes are very patient, playing for fun and, like I said, worked hard to get me near the net to make a goal. I had a couple shots but nothing took. Maybe in game three?

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