Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I can't get this place out of my mind. We stopped and visited it on our way home from Okanogan with the dog on Sunday.

Beebe Springs Natural Area

I'm not so sure I totally agree with the "natural area" concept since they removed what had been there and planted or placed new stuff, but apparently it is all native to the area which was once an orchard so ... that makes it better?

What I really can't get out of my mind are the sculptures. Once the signage is in place telling about them I think this will be a really fascinating place to visit to learn about the American Indians and how they lived in our area once upon a time.

The artist is Virgil "Smoker" Marchand and he lives in Omak, a couple hours north. I tried to find a website for him but failed. I did find several articles on him stating he is a very talented American Indian artist who paints and sculpts.
I don't know if you noticed or not, but in the horse sculpture I posted Sunday there are cutouts in the mane and rump. Also the eyes, nose and hand. I don't know why or what they all mean, that's why I can't wait to go back once the interpretive signs are up. I did find an article that talked about another horse sculpture he created as a fundraiser for his sister's medical treatment. In that article he says that the horse has a spiritual connection that American Indians came to regard as an "extension of their own beings". He added three cutouts that transmit the background of earth and sky through the sculpture. The cutouts are of important creatures: the coyote which represents "a trickster who taught us the ways of the animal people." The buffalo who "provided everything except water." And finally the eagle who is "the all seeing who flies closest to the Great Mystery."
The next time, I am going to get a picture of that sculpture transmitting the background of the earth and sky through the cutouts! Luckily the other sculptures throughout the natural area are good to use for our photo activity this month:
It looks to me like this guy was doing dishes.
In fact, that weed almost looks like water being thrown from the pan.

This sculpture looked like a group of workers in a field.

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