Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend notes

Its kind of a goofy looking picture, whatcha gonna do with a cell phone? But that's Bubba's new haircut. Short, short, short. He loves it tho so what is a mom to do?

That is Miss I climbing the rock wall at the school's open house. How cool is it that elementary schools have rock climbing walls in the gym now? She climbed all the way to the top of the thing without any trouble.

My Honey has been out of town golfing since Thursday so its been me and the kids. I had the weekend off and considered leaving town, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. Too much work. I don't think I have sat at home for the weekend in awhile. I didn't get much done, lawn mowed, one of the trees got a haircut, kids got haircuts, and I went out Saturday night ...

Saturday Night. I don't "go out". It's not my scene, never has been, although I do have fun when I get there. My girl DW had a birthday last week so we were meeting to celebrate. Good times. Turned out that a few people I graduated with were also at the bar, a couple people I know from hockey (yes they is trying to recruit me again) and then a group of people I worked with once upon a time were there celebrating my friend Rachel's birthday. That was actually karma. I planned a dancing birthday party for her many, many years ago that I ended up not getting to go to (I know, how lame) and there we were on her birthday dancing. Yeah, you read that right, I danced (again). It was fun. The morning after... manageable.

There's so much else to the bar scene. The drama, the drinking, the boys and the girls, the girls and the girls. Different than my real life. But what struck me was how many of those folks I actually know. Once upon a time it would have been like going to a new city, last night it was like hanging with 85 of my friends. I don't quite know how to explain it. Except to say me and my ego felt kind of cool to be acknowledged by 4 different groups of people.

It's the last day of my weekend, kind of, I don't work till 5 tomorrow night, and its my last week of night shifts. If it wasn't so dang much fun I would be sad, but its really, really fun. I'm gonna miss it. Only 9 more months until I get to do it again.


Wentworth Family Blog said...

Thanks for going last night. It was fun having you there!

The Loidhamer Family said...

I LOVE the haircut!