Saturday, September 19, 2009


I am an afternoon person, if I have eaten breakfast. I took the kids downtown today for the Harvest festival. Truth be told, I wanted to listen to Fat Happy so I made them go too since My Honey was golfing. There was a whole lot of stuff to see downtown, we ran into lots of little friends, an old grade-through-high school friend of mine, and the Wild mascot! There was a lot to see and do but I was distracted by the clock, I have to work at 5, all I could think of was that we should go so we could get a nap in plus, I hadn't eaten so my mood turned sour rather rapidly and none of the fun things seemed fun to me.

All-in-all it was fun, Miss I's favorite part was dancing to the band, and dance she did! Bubba's favorite part was seeing the Wild mascot, Walt. We did make it home in time to get a short rest/nap in so it all worked out.

I know, relax, go with it! I try, I really do.

What I wish is I could have taken some time for more of these:

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LSL said...

That second pic is about as cute as it gets. Nice :>