Saturday, September 19, 2009


I am NOT a morning person. Ever. Anything I have to do before 10 is just a pain in my ass. Unfortunately I live with nothing BUT morning people. My kids, My Honey, they all like to get up and get going. Most of the time they will just get up together and let me sleep, but today My Honey is golfing so I am stuck getting up early.

My first wake up call today came at 6:15 when My Honey's alarm went off for golfing. The next wake up call was about an hour later when Miss I woke up. I told her to lie quietly with me or go play in her room. She chose her room, but on the way woke up Bubba. They played pretty well for awhile together and then Bubba asked if they could go watch TV - of course! Have at it!!

I hear the TV go on but I am also hearing chairs scrape on the floor in the kitchen and water running. I assumed they are getting water ready for hot chocolate and I figured I would get up when I heard the microwave go off. But it never did. The next thing I know Bubba is telling me that my favorite Disney show is on (Little Einsteins) and my coffee is ready. Coffee?

That got my attention. I went downstairs to find Miss I doing dishes and the coffee pot perking away. I asked Bubba how he made the coffee and he tells me "I did 12 ounces, I wasn't sure how much you wanted." That sounds perfect, but how much coffee grounds did you put in? "Three scoops." Well, what do you know, he did it just right. My little boy makes a good cuppa joe.

So the question begs to be asked: Why am I taking early morning shifts? For the sake of my family. I LOVE working nights but I don't see the family enough. Just 9 more shifts and back to getting up at oh-dark-thirty. Work-wise, I am not looking forward to it (booooring). Life-wise it will be very nice.

I don't think I have even mentioned how much FUN it's been working nights. I got everything I wanted - pursuits, stolen vehicles, fights in progress, awesome fires, requests for "emergency traffic only" on my radio. Fun stuff. Day shift just doesn't quite measure up to that. Plus, Thursday and Friday off rocked! I can't wait till January when I go back to those days off and I don't have to work till 5am. I think it will be pretty nice.

Coming up next month, we (just me and My Honey) are going on a cruise to Mexico.
I. Can't. Wait.

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