Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Well ... part 2

The Doctor and I chatted a bit, he twisted my knee this way and that, asked me some questions about how I fell, what position was my knee in (I had no idea), and where is the pain (here), do I feel it clicking, did I hear it pop, has it given out on me (no, no, no). He had pictures taken, it looks just fine. No swelling, so go home. You might consider a brace, if it feels good, you can play hockey on Friday morning. The end. Oh, if it still hurts in a week or so come back. The end.

I also had a visit with the Chiropractor. He was a tad bit more informative. He thinks it might be a slight tear in the meniscus, the shock absorber between the cartilage. Its the kind of injury that can get better or get worse ... Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, but can I play on Friday? Same advice, try it and see how it goes. Its usually a certain position that makes it hurt the worst, and you will know when you're in that position. Not much you can do for it, it will heal itself, you can wear a brace to remind yourself not to hyper extend or bend it too much. And then he fixed up my back and neck. God bless him.

So, long story short, its alright (kind of), I can play on Friday if it feels okay. I really don't need to have it checked unless I am experiencing the clicking or locking up or giving out on me . I could look into physical therapy, which would probably be a good idea, but I don't know if I need a referral from a doctor (remember, I don't have one right now) or not. So, I'm gonna play my last two practices and go searching for a new Doc. It shouldn't really be that hard, the old one plays hockey with me, I just need to remember to ask her who she would recommend when I see her Friday. Question is, can I interview a new Doc? When I was having kids it was all the rage to interview Pediatricians. It makes a lot of sense, you want to have someone you can talk to, you're going to be seeing them frequently for a LONG time. But a regular/girl-parts doctor? Is that acceptable? Seems like it would be. But I just don't know. Anyone?

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Sarah said...

Renee, I cringed when I saw in your last post that you hurt your knee! But it's good to see that it wasn't too serious. The chiropractor really is a saving grace for athletes, I saw one regularly when I played sports in high school. Hopefully you're feeling good today and ready to play!