Friday, March 16, 2012

A little wet and a little cold

Another walk! I really wish we could go each day.

I was recommended an app to keep track of mileage and such, Runkeeper. It does it all. Mileage, miles per hour, mapping and you can run a playlist through it. Plus you can add a "street team" if you're cool enough to have peeps you run with, or want to compare yourself with others. I'm not cool enough and I know I suck so I don't have any street team-ers.

One of these pictures shows some cool looking clouds rolling over the hill, the flowers are from my yard. We cleaned it up last weekend so I took some of the forsythia and forced it in the house. The kids have been enjoying checking it's progress every day. The last one  barely shows a rainbow. I was using my iPhone zoom so they're a little grainy.

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