Monday, March 12, 2012

Well ...

Great practice yesterday! We started with a little "bumper butts" which is a game played in ready position (squatted) with hands on knees and skating backwards into each other trying to knock 'em down or knock them off balance so their hands come off the knees. We were laughing so hard at the end there weren't any winners!

We split into two groups and worked some great drills. One of them was skating figure eights around three cones arranged in a triangle. Forward between two cones, around the top cone, backwards and then around a corner cone, forward to the top cone, backwards to the other corner, around it and then forward to the top cone. Over and over. The idea is to get good at changing direction quickly. It works and is actually one of my favorite drills. When my skates are sharp. When they're on the dull side, like yesterday, I fall. So I fell. Hard. Luckily we wear these awesome elbow pads, so I caught myself on my elbows before my butt hit the ground. My elbows are fine, but I jarred my neck, it's pretty sore today and I wrecked my knee. It must have been a tad bent or something because I'm in a fair amount of pain today.

I didn't even realize I'd hurt myself except it was still sore at bedtime and then still sore this morning. Describe sore? How about shooting pain on the inside of my knee from bone to bone. From what I can tell by looking at pictures of a knee, it feels like it could be my MCL (medial cruciate ligament) which connects the femur and tibia. The pain is the right type in the right place. Bummer. What does a girl do? Nothing. Wear a brace for 2-6 weeks maybe. Does this mean no hockey? I don't know (insert wailing and gnashing of teeth). We only have two practices left, please let me finish it out! What about running? What about.... Yeah. I am being a little dramatic.

So here I sit at the walk-in-clinic waiting to be seen. Oh, have I mentioned my regular doctor quit recently? Total bummer!!

Here's to us, girls. I hope I'm not done with this season yet!

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