Sunday, June 05, 2011

Who me?

We finally had a nice day yesterday. I stepped away for just a minute and I came back and found this!!  She is cute though.

I'm out of town for a couple days at a training on the west side of the state which means I can see my sister and instead of staying at a hotel I can stay with my Dad. Hopefully I will sleep better here than at a hotel where I find I wake every couple hours (so tiring). Hannah was begging me to come along, "I will stay in the hotel room while you go to the class, Mama." Cute, but no dice.

It's finally picking up at work, just in time for me to return to day shift. Nice.

The night before last I had the following people report things to me within an hour: Ashley Tisdale, Ron White and Brian Adams. No kidding! It was totally hilarious. The first one was a total fabrication, but the other two were real people reporting real things. Sometimes my job cracks me up.

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