Thursday, June 23, 2011

Camping (Mis)Adventures

So let's see.... We have been camping since Sunday, and it was fun, but not without drama. Let me just say I am so glad we were close to home. We learned a ton and were able to make several runs into town for this and that!

Monday Dorika got into something that caused her to break out in hives all over her body. Called the vet who said "oh yeah, Viszlas are very allergic..." so we ran her into town (a whole 10 minutes away) and got her checked out. After a bath and some drugs she was released and is doing just fine.

Bubba didn't eat and drink enough on Tuesday so he ended up in the ER that night to get hydrated. That could read more like "I didn't pay attention to what he was eating and drinking and nearly ended up killing my first born from dehydration" but he's NINE and was offered plenty of food and drink throughout the day (and he really wasn't THAT sick, he was refusing to eat or drink though, and had thrown up twice, so we decided an ER visit was warranted.) Unfortunately (?) the ER drama wasn't too intense, just a liquid form of something to take away the nausea and then sips of Sprite for about 30 minutes to make sure he would keep it down. But hopefully he learned his lesson.

While out playing one day, the boys found a rattle snake. Fortunately, My Honey was out walking the dog and got to be the hero to a TON of people around by keeping the snake away from them until the Park dude came and corralled it. Where did he learn how to keep snakes away? Playing with them as a kid ... who knew?

Was there more? Wednesday we just took it easy. We packed up the boys in the truck and drove to check out some campsites for another time. We found a couple we liked and some really neat geography that I never knew was out there. Something like this:

This picture doesn't really do it justice. The area is called Dry Falls and its pretty remarkable.

It was nice to be close to home, I had a hockey class I went to on Monday night and we all went to the puppy class on Tuesday. Later I will tell you about the hockey-drama. Nothing too bad, just misinformation that worked out pretty funny.

Anyway, we're home now, ready for another trip. These little set-backs don't get us down, no way! Just paving the road for a perfect trip to Pearrygin next month.

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The Loidhamer Family said...

Not so sorry we couldn't make it now! Glad everyone made it through ok!