Thursday, June 02, 2011

The cats growl

One of our cats, Mister Pickles, who was recently rescued from the neighbors chimney, growls. The first time I heard her growl was shortly after we brought her home. I heard this weird noise, found her with a mouse in her mouth and the other cat, Survivor Jane inching closer and closer to her. She got really loud when I tried to get the mouse away from her and it scared me so I let her keep it. (I know, eww!)

Mister Pickles is a master huntress. She has left many, many birds, worms, and mice for us all over the house. God bless her. I really didn't miss that at all while she was trapped in the chimney (I will get to that in a minute). Last night I heard her growl and I had to go see what "treasure" she had brought in. Oh wow, a bird. Thanks kitty, now let go so I can throw it out. I had to chase her into Hannah's room, trap her under the bed and then lure her out so I could get the bird away before she dismembered it and really made a mess. Then I went back to bed only to wake up this morning and find her with another bird in her clutches. This one she had made a mess out of. Feathers everywhere. It is sweet that she wants to show us her prowess, but please keep the livestock outside. I really don't need to see what you're hunting.

As for the chimney, the week before we got the dog, Mister Pickles went missing. We noticed on a Wednesday afternoon she hadn't been around and could place her at home on Tuesday so we just kind of waited around. Bubba was a wreck - supposedly, but this all happened when his school work crashed in around him so it could have been an avoidance tactic too. Needless to say, I was less than sympathetic! Fast forward a few days, we picked up the dog on Sunday, got used to having a dog and one cat and then the neighbor came over to ask if we were missing a cat because there was on caught in the chimney. I went next door and sure enough, Mister Pickles was rescued from their chimney. She was soooo dirty. More than that she was pissed because we had a dog! They are still trying to make friends. It's been a slow process.

So that's the story, the cat went missing and was found a week later in the neighbors chimney. She likes to hunt and growls when you try to take away her treasure. Just like all of us. I growl when my treasure is taken away too.

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