Thursday, June 09, 2011


I stepped a little outside myself this past week - okay A LOT outside myself.

The training I attended was a "conflict resolution/working well with others" type training. I think I do okay, I chose to attend the training so it wasn't like the boss said "I think this would be really good for you."

Of course, one of the things that happens is a personality profile. We had 4 coworkers fill out a questionnaire on us and then we put the results on a grid. The personality types used in this class are Amiable (gets along with everyone), Directive (do-ers), Analytical (thinkers) and Expressive (talkers). I graded myself as Analytical however my co-workers did not. They graded me as Directive (?!!). One of the activities involved breaking into groups of like personalities and working on something. As a personal challenge, to get a little outside myself, I sat with the Directives instead of the Analyticals.


I honestly did not fit in. But kind of did.

There were two very dominate women at our table. The difference I saw between them and me was that they couldn't hear what others were trying to say to them. They. Were. Right. (It's a trait I guess). I found myself wanting to hear with the others were saying and trying to understand so I can deal with that personality type better. (Just in case you wonder, it was the Expressives). That was the difference. Even when I finally was able to speak over them and ask the Expressives a direct question which they answered and the information was SOOOO useful, these women didn't hear it. And they didn't care. It really pissed me off. THAT is why there is conflict in their workplace, with them, that is why they were at the class. Unfortunately, they are not flexible. At. All.

There was a lot of word usage that was offensive to the Expressives too. Things that came out "Well I would do this FOR them, or BECAUSE of them" instead of phrases that included or acknowledged them. It was so interesting to me. But so hard to sit at a table of these bossy bitches that don't care, because by association that is what I am, right? I really wanted to be with the Analytical people. Really.

But it was good. I am glad, no matter how uncomfortable it made me (and it made me sooo uncomfortable) that I chose to sit with the Directives and get a taste of my worst self. It's pretty bad.

That was really a small portion of the class which was otherwise very good. Stuff I have heard, and applied but a refresher is always good. I also had a great dinner with LK at The Pink Door where we watched a trapeze lady do her thing. Some nice shopping downtown and I made a new friend. I know! How unusual for me since I am generally a keep-to-myself type person. All in all an interesting experience for sure.

Things I am looking forward to this week:
Camping and my last few night shifts, camping and a week of vacation :)
Hopefully, the weather will warm up and be sunny

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LSL said...

And I thought this was awesome. It's so brave and admirable that you deliberately put yourself out there. It's hard, but I love the learning that comes with doing that :)