Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I will get around to telling stories about the trip. But just let that take you there, Manzanillo Mexico, for awhile.

It was beautiful. The ship rocked - literally. We just missed hurricane Rick. I might have puked. I did not smoke. I danced, I drank and I dressed up. And I dressed down. It was a good time. VERY relaxing.

When is the last time you had you bed made TWICE A DAY for you? When was the last time your bed was messy enough to be made twice a day?

When was the last time you had breakfast delivered to your bedroom door every day for a week?

When was the last time you could choose what time to go to the dining room for dinner, be seated by the nicest, most polite woman named Svetlana, who remembered your favorite table (and the quirky way you arranged your chair,) the drink guy (solmnier?) that remembered you liked mojitos, the waiter, Romeldo, and his trusty team of Romelio and Chris who looked after your every need - forks, bread, butter - and could really cut a rug? PLUS, you didn't have to prepare, clean up or even do much more than point at "prime rib" on the menu?

Really spoiled, that is what I have been for the past 8 days. My real life sucks! Kidding, it's not that bad, but the fantasy life of "cruising" could be addictive!


The Loidhamer Family said...

Glad to hear you had a great time! Puked - seriously? I can't wait to hear that story. I'm guessing it wasn't entirely H. Rick! Welcome home to reality.

LSL said...

It sounds amazing! Can't wait to hear more:)