Monday, October 12, 2009

Cound down

We leave for Mexico this week! Holy cow! Next Monday I will be sitting somewhere on a ship, hopefully in the sun, doing nothing. AAAAHHHHH!!!

I've been thinking about what to pack (shorts and tank tops) and what not to pack (too much) but what is too much? I really don't know. Will I need jeans? Maybe. Will I need something warm-ish? Likely. But how often? Socks? Closed-toed shoes? How many pair of shoes? Books! What about books? Music? What about new music on my iPod? So many dumb little things! It will all come together.

I have the child care arranged for the kids.
I have (lots of) time off work.
I have our passports, boarding information for our flights and the ship.
I think I will put My Honey in charge of getting money.
Our paperwork is in order if something happens. Just need to leave a note to let someone know where to find it if necessary.
Bills are paid.
What am I missing?

OH YEAH... I could clean the house. Total buzz-kill.


Wentworth Family Blog said...

SOOOOO jealous. There is freakin snow in the forcast for this week, SNOW!!! Have fun, have a margarita, or two-ok three or four for me.

LSL said...

I think you're missing nothing! You're going to have a great time. Take lots of pics for us!