Monday, August 24, 2009

Winding Down

Its the last 10 days of summer vacation. Its been/will be the busiest two weeks of summer vacation.

We camped on Thursday and Friday last week - very fun, but the campsites were a half mile walk from the parking lot. Not so bad on the downhill way there, but the uphill way back ... glad My Honey was along to help! It was a great experience though. I have never camped with a large-ish group before, so having 3 families with a ton of kids under 13 and lots of adults was a very different, fun experience!

I am in the middle of my work-week and then the fun begins. DW and I are taking our older kids back to school shopping on Thursday. Me and mine are leaving on Wednesday night for Issaquah to stay with my Dad, then we will bring his wife back with us on Friday so she and I can go camping on Saturday. Us two are going to the Gorge for a concert on Saturday night. I am very, very excited. Know why? Because its my very first ever rock concert and its Nickelback and its at this great outdoor venue and I can't wait! Its been 25 years since I was invited to my first rock concert so it's about stinkin time I got to do it! I am excited to camp, I am excited to do the whole concert thing and a little nervous too, but it will be a blast. We know a lot of people going between the two of us so I feel pretty safe about the whole thing. Unfortunately we cant bring any food or drink in, so its going to be a spendy food and beer day, but WTH? It will be worth it!

Miss I is enrolled in preschool, she starts on Monday and Bubba starts next Wednesday. Miss I went to the day care part of her school today and did really well. I think we're going to like it there. I hope grandma likes it too! Speaking of grandma, shes been gone for nearly a month in Portland helping my SIL with her new baby. I am thinking she will be home this week? Maybe?

What else? Oh night shift. Unfortunately, this week is the first week I really feel worn down by nights. Like I just don't want to go to work. I think its just been really busy (see above) and I haven't gotten enough sleep. Or maybe its been really busy and I know there is so much fun stuff out there I am missing out on? Or maybe its just that I am anticipating change and its coming up fast, with school starting and stuff? Hard to say. Hopefully after we are into the swing of school things it will all be better. Not only that, I am half-way through, so theres that. Although that means getting up at 2 in the morning again! UGH! I can't wait till January when I get to work at 5 am! ... Never satisfied am I?

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LSL said...

Hope you had fun at your show :)

PS My word verification was "uneat." I wish I could uneat that blizzard I had earlier. Just had to mention it.