Friday, August 14, 2009

Ho hum

Where, oh where did my summer weather go? Where, oh where could it be?
It's raining today and I hate it so, oh where oh where did it go?

I was thinking of taking the kids to Blueberry Hills again, but its starting to rain, it's a little windy and its COLD (54*). Not a good way to end the summer if you ask me! Plus, my tan is fading. And I had a GREAT tan too.

Teenagers. Why don't they sell them in the store? Or rent them or something? My youngest sister has been here for nearly two weeks and I love it! Mostly because I can come and go as I please and get different errands run, go to the movies with My Honey and run in the morning. Although, there have been some interesting happenings! She found a teenage boy on my block - who knew?! and took off to "the store" for a few hours the other night. (Ummmm, the store is a 15 minute round trip, INCLUDING the shopping) so its definitely been fun, entertaining and a good view into our life in 10-12 years! It's also been interesting to get to know her and give her my point of view on her life and share some of the regular day-to-day happenings of our lives with her too.

Unfortunately, I have not gotten out to do any photography in the past couple weeks, I saw something the other day ... I don't remember what, and wanted to snap a photo, but I was in the car. Someday I will get the courage to stop and do it, but I haven't worked up to that yet. I have a few photos, but nothing that really strikes my fancy to enter in the fair this year. We shall see, two more weeks to decide.

Speaking of, just three weeks till school starts!! I can't believe its already back to school time. We are planning a shopping trip with DW to Seattle in a couple weeks. She has a girl going into 2nd grade so we'll take our 2nd graders together. It should be a lot of fun!

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The Loidhamer Family said...

That is so funny. I was driving home from girls night out the other night and passed this construction zone. It was so cool looking. It was dark and there was smoke (probably exhaust) drifting across the road with all the workers and a few perfectly placed lights. I really wished I had my camera (although I had no way to stop and take a picture.)