Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tell me if something happens

I am lying in bed last night with four-and-one-half-year-old Bubba. He was tired beyond belief, no nap, big evening out to dinner with the cousins at Red Robin and it was near 9:00.

"Mom" he says
"Yes, Bubba?"
"Mom, you can tell me if anything happens"
Hmmm, I think on that one a minute - what does he mean by that? "Okay" I respond and then he was out.

I spend a few minutes thinking; does he have a premonition that something is going to happen?? Yikes!

Then this morning I was telling Honey about it, and he says that Bubba just wants to make sure that he doesn't miss anything. Ahhhh, count on a man to think of the obvious!

But being me, I dont rely on anyones opinion, I tend to check with the source when I have a question about motivation, so, later I check with Bubba: "What did you mean last night when you told me that I can tell you if anyting happens?"
"I mean if something bad happens" he tells me matter of factly.


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