Monday, April 17, 2006

Painted Walls

"Mom come see what I did."

Ever hear those words from your 4 year old after you have been out of the room for a few minutes? Kind of makes your heart stop.

So I go into the dining room to see what Bubba is up to - ahhhh, painted walls.
"Look, I splattered the walls."
"Yes you did, and that's not okay. We don't splatter paint on the walls."

What's a mom to do? I love it that my son likes to create. He is clever with any art medium - paint, glue, pencil, colored pencil, pen, marker, window marker (these are very cool if you have not tried them) and of course paint. He had a short time out on the stairs, I cleaned walls, then we got on with our day.

Later he says to me "Mom?"
"I am sorry I splatter painted the walls."
"Thank you Bubba, I appreciate that." (yes a few tears in my eyes)
What a kind heart. Love that kid.

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