Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spring, greasy food and 911

Ahhh, spring, beautiful spring. I love spring where I live. The dirty brown mountains grow green fuzz, everything blossoms (achoo) and it smells so good.

There's Apple Blossom. That would be our annual festival . It makes for a great time. Lots of gross, greasy food, a carnival, greasy food, parades, greasy food, classic cars, greasy food, craft fair and of course the greasy food. Bubba and I have a lunch date at the greasy food fair tomorrow, we have to go on opening day - its becomming tradition! He loves the chaos of the park when the greasy food fair is there. He loves anywhere there are a lot of people and it's chaotic.

It really makes for fun at work too. Our center took several calls regarding an unknown injury accident a few days ago. One of the callers was told if they found out if there were injuries at the accident to call back on 911. We sent a full response from law, fire and EMS. Around 10 minutes later that person called back on 911 to tell us that there "is an ambulance here so someone must be hurt." Right, we sent them.

Always a fun time in dispatch.

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