Monday, September 17, 2012


The outdoors are off limits.

10 days ago we had a severe lightening storm and ever since, fire crews have seen working round the clock to save homes and put out the wildfires.

There's only so much they can do. A lot of the fires are burning in terrain that is pretty impossible to put people into so there are helicopters, tankers and retardant planes flying.

But it's close. Very close to home and due to all the smoke in the air, all outdoor activities have been cancelled. No recess, no soccer, no nothing. I haven't even taken the dog out. The air quality has been rated HAZARDOUS. It's as though a winter fog has descended on the valley but didn't bring any cold, fresh air with it so it's kind of a mind f*.

There have been moments of clearing the past two days so we took advantage. Saturday we caught the tail end of our local harvest festival. Yesterday I took the dog on a walk. You can kind of see the haze in the picture. And that's a good day. Other days we haven't even been able to see the hills and the air is thick. I'm
Not sure how people live in places like LA where smog is an everyday thing. No way Jose!

And my boy. Little Davy-Huck-Sawyer. Adding feathers to his hat wanting to take his homemade bow and arrow with us so he could practice his shooting while I walked the dog. Cute, huh?

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