Monday, September 24, 2012

Balls On Ice

Ahhhh, sweet hockey season has returned.

Practice was great. We only had seven ladies so we got a lot of individual attention. It's supercool when the coach to player ratio is 1:2!

We worked on our tight turns to start. These are not so easy for me. Something about working on the edges of my skates that makes me feel like I'm gonna fall, so I avoid it. Well, maybe the truth is I try to cheat. I try to do them standing upright, because it... feels safer? Yeah. Funny when I follow the coaches instructions "bend your knees" it seems to go pretty well. Maybe they know what they're talking about?

It is my intention to really listen and try to follow their instruction this year. It's so hard to do though, for some reason I think I know it all, that I can figure it out and do it (anything) on my own. Know what? I don't and I can't. Know what else? I'm teaching my kids (especially that Girl Child) the same thing. I see her struggle every day because she thinks he knows how and/or that she can do it without help.

We also did some stick handling. This is good stuff and an area where I see so much improvement in myself since I started and even since last season. My aim is better, my receiving has improved and my control isn't too bad either. We worked with a partner for part of the session passing across the ice, then we worked together as we skated around the rink passing back and forth. A very practical drill, stuff we use in every game. And finally we did some work with a golf ball on the ice instead of a puck. Tiny, slippery little buggers!! Good practice though for control and finding the sweet spot on out sticks. Speaking of, my stick needs to be trimmed. Again, listening to my coach I'm gonna take an inch or so off and.. I'm going to ask My Honey to help me trim it do I don't screw it up.

See, Old Dog, New Tricks.
It can be done.

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