Sunday, October 16, 2011

What a mess

Thank goodness for mild weather, we did our carving outside. Brilliant!

We had an extra kid overnight so when I bought pumpkins this morning I bought him one too. "You bought one for ME too? Wow, thanks!" He's the kind of kid I like to have around because he strokes my ego just right, he appreciates little things like a three dollar pumpkin.

The kids had fun getting all gooey, designing just the right face and then carving them. The boys did most of their own work while Hannah and I worked together. I'm not ready for her to handle a sharp-bladed object yet.

I got out for a run this morning. I was kind of bummed though. I actually tried to count quarter mile markers ... Well, that awesome run I thought was nearly four miles? Ummmm, barely three. Dammit. I had all but given up on the half-marathon idea, but I got encouraged so I put a bug in a co-worker's ear about trying (another) shift trade. We shall see what comes of this one. I haven't had the best of luck with shift trades which was part of my total despair the other day. But, after a good run today and with a little luck maybe we can make it happen.

Hockey tonite. We are scrimmaging. I'm a touch nervous, but excited too! It should be fun!

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