Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I'm trying to get motivated to do anything.
I got a little discouraged about running because some things fell apart at work and I can't get the time off guaranteed for the half marathon in Las Vegas.
I am a little discouraged about photography because my eyesight is failing. Duh, maybe I should wear my glasses when I go take photos?
I am a little discouraged about being in my forties because I have a little extra around the middle, my eyesight is failing, I can't seem to get enough sleep, or awake time or anything. Every time I work out I hurt for DAYS afterward and all that turns me pretty cranky.
I am a little discouraged at work because ... well some things just suck.

So, what's good?

Well, the weather makes the lighting beautiful.
We have tickets to a hockey game on Friday night.
Hockey is good.

(And then I type a whole bunch of stuff and then I somehow rubbed the mouse pad on my laptop and deleted it all.)

The end.

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