Friday, September 09, 2011

Holy wow


We officially kicked off our season with the little pre-season meeting and scrimmage. How much fun did I have? It should be illegal how much fun I had. Okay, maybe not illegal, but everyone should have something that they love as much as I love hockey.

I don't even know where to start. With the awesome team mates I had last night that answered my questions about where I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to do? With getting to see all those quality women? There are such neat women around I just didn't know about. It wasn't for lack of trying, I guess I just hadn't found my "tribe" until now. We've got every walk of life, every religion, every age from sixteen to late 50's, all skill levels from me to ladies who have played for decades. It's awesome.

We suited up red and white, started a play clock and went for it. Somehow our team, well the offense, just meshed. We rocked it. I was having a super great time. I was left wing and my partner, Jane, was awesome. She included me in the game. THAT'S IT! She included me in the game. I never felt like I wasn't needed or a part of the team even though I'm not the best player. It was awesome. I might even have made a goal. Yep, re-read that line. I made a goal!!!!

Here's the real story: I did shoot into the net, and it was a really good shot because I was looking where I wanted to puck to go, not at the goalie, but I noticed her help the puck in. It still counted as a goal, but I know better so I'm not all puffed up about it. Well, maybe a little. But I know the truth, it never should have gone in. But it was still fun. I thanked Erin for her help and yelled at the other goalie, Kelly, when she wasn't as generous. What a great time!

So looking forward to as many practices as I can get in this year. Can't wait!!! Next practice is the 18th. Nearly 10 days! UGH ;)

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LSL said...

I'm super stoked that it's hockey season for you again. Looking forward to all those great stories :)