Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day on the West Side

Since it had been stormy all over the State, I worried that traveling on Wednesday would be a pain ... I was so wrong.

Our drive was just fine, no problems on the roads that we couldn't handle, not too much traffic, our only challenge was the hour wait for the 10 minute ferry ride. If we hadn't stopped for dinner we would have made the early one, but the rumbly in my tumbly (and a couple of antsy kids) made a stop necessary.

Once here its just great! 12 of us squashed into the Big House, no phone, no TV, no radio. We have Internet and I have a camera! And we had snow and high winds last night (luckily no power outage). The kids are going to bed well and sleeping in (like past 7!) the food is good and plentiful, and there is a fire going all the time.

Life is good.

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