Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's almost time

My Fortieth Birthday is nearly here!

My Honey tells me that I "don't seem to be having as tough of a time with 40 as you had with 30" ... Hmmm I wish I had been blogging then to see if he is right.

I do not recall "having problems" with turning 30. I do recall I had just changed jobs, we had a pizza party (with beer, which was a big deal back then) and that is about it.

I might have been stressing about being out of shape and getting worse because I had broken by collar bone earlier that year and hadn't really gotten back into working out, plus now I had a totally sedentary job. I might have been thinking about the fact that I was turning 30 and didn't have any kids yet ...

Fast forward 10 years:

I have done two triathlons, I am playing hockey and we have two kids. I am doing the same job (which is surprising) and life is ... well, its good.

I am thankful for my family, My Honey, Shelle, LK, my Moms and Dads and aunties. My dear friends (girls, you know who you are.)

To celebrate a whole bunch of us are meeting up at a coffee shop for live music! I am very excited! It should be a fun, fun night.

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LSL said...

The fast-forward part sounds the best to me :) 30 was hard for me, but I'm really looking forward to 40. Hope you had a great one!