Friday, February 12, 2010

We made it

Well, we made it. Thank goodness for Nintendo DS. The kids didn't even want to play at McDonald's they were so ready to get into the car and play their games! (Thanks again LK -- she always knows what is best!)

The mood here is good. I'm glad we came. Grandpa will probably come to dinner tomorrow so that will be entertaining as well. KC said some boys from the old days came by to visit him today, to say hello and sorry for your loss and all that. What a neat thing. Friends of HERS taking time out of their lives to stop by and see him. I love that they are that kind of family. Everyone has always been welcome.

KC has done that too in her family. We were sitting down to play Scrabble tonite and my step-brother texted (I KNOW! What kind of world do we live in?) his friend to see if he wanted to come over and play too. He was all over it, gave up bar-time to hang with the family. Cool. I like those kinds of families and those kinds of friends. Even if he is a smarter-than-smart college student that kicked my butt.

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