Sunday, February 14, 2010

Home sweet home

We made it home. It was a little later than I had anticipated, but we're home! I get to sleep in MY bed tonite with a grown up instead of a 4 year old. Thank goodness. I probably even get to sleep in long after the kids wake up! YAY!

I came home to a clean-ish house (the toys and junk had been cleaned up), a fixed toilet, repaired shower and dinner. My Honey "cooked" exactly what I asked for - cheese and crackers, he even added a little crab and red wine. MMMMM. It's been a relaxing evening!

The body exhibit in downtown Seattle was very cool, Bubba liked it, but he REALLY liked downtown. He'd like to go back and see the Space Needle and ride the monorail and go to the Pacific Science Center and all kinds of stuff. Sounds like a Spring Break trip to me!

We did end up looking at both the female reproductive and fetal areas. He was totally cool with it. Didn't even bring up vagina's on the way home. (WHEW!) His only comment in the fetal area was something like "So, that's a real baby that was dead? ... Awwww." In kind of a sad voice. Yeah, he gets it.

One more day off (yay me!) and then back to work.

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