Friday, November 13, 2009

Nearly always

It nearly always tries to snow on or near my birthday. It doesn't always make it to town, but sometimes the far-away mountains get a little snow.

It's always one of my birthday wishes to see snow on or near my birthday, and this year didn't let me down. It's been trying to snow all day (in town) with minor success. So I built a fire and me and the kids are just kicking back and relaxing - sort of, is Sponge Bob or Timmy Turner really that relaxing? Not for me, but the fire is therefore I can deal with the obnoxious cartoons.

Unfortunately, Bubba has been home sick from school the past two days. Sore throat and fever. Dang flu bugs. I do hope he is better tomorrow.

We're going out to dinner with the fam-damily tomorrow night to celebrate all 4 of the November birthdays (me, my mother AND father in-law and Miss I) then I get to go out, for my birthday, with one of my work girls.... it should be a lot of fun! I wish Mission Ridge was open and they had music on Saturday, that would be perfect, but we'll find something to do, somewhere to go.

It's weird, I always felt left out of birthday stuff in my household of origin, everyone else had March birthdays. Now I'm on the total opposite side of that and My Honey is the odd-man-out. Poor thing.

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