Monday, February 16, 2009

Two in a row!

So far (knock on wood) the Big Girl Bed Experiment is working. Miss I went to bed without incident, didn't fall out of the bed all night and stayed in bed until I told her it was okay to get up.

Nap time she went down without incident, has stayed in bed although she is awake, and will hopefully remain there until I tell her it's alright to get up even though Bubba gets go be up already. The only issue we have run into is her asking to keep the door open. I told her no. She's never slept with the door open and I don't want to start now. Bubba on the other hand, for some reason I gave in when he was little and let him start to sleep with the door open. Silly me. We could have so much more privacy if he slept with the door closed.

We went to the play gym today. What fun! They have these bungee-jumping things that the kids tried today. I am trying to think of how to explain them, but suffice it to say they get hooked to elastic hooked to the rafters and they can jump around. Bubba tried first and had a lot of fun, we hooked him to two cords on each side so he could go REALLY high and he was a nervous wreck. Then Miss I did it and she was pretty nervous too. I am proud of both of them for trying something new.

It has snowed for the past few days. Nothing that's accumulating much, but still. So today it feels really cold to me even though its 40 degrees. I think its the 100% humidity that's doing it.

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