Saturday, February 07, 2009

Another walk

I had a few free minutes yesterday and Porter's Pond called again. Its not THAT beautiful this time of year, but I kind of have a hankering to get year-round photos. You know a Spring, Winter, Fall and Summer set. We shall see.

I signed Bubba up for soccer, which should start sometime near Spring break, but I just heard today that there might be an instructional hockey league for K-2nd grade.... THAT would be fun!!! So, depending on what I find out, and if Bubba is interested, we may just drop karate and forfeit soccer money for hockey! (No pressure, Bubba. No pressure.)

We read a really cute book tonight called "Enemy Pie." A very cute story about treating everyone with kindness. Well, Bubba went to bed and promptly created his enemy list. Oh boy, now I have some 'splaining to do.

Miss I was so danged cute the other day.

We were just hanging out at home while Bubba was in school on Monday. I was pre-occupied by my laptop and she was doing something much less important so I asked her to get a diaper from her room for me.

She acknowledged me "okay mama" but didn't go get it. I asked her like 8 times to go get a diaper, finally using my "Mom" voice and she still didn't go (neither did I mind you, the computer was much too important.)

Finally, in a last ditch effort to get her to "obey" I used "The Mom Voice" combined with "The Look" to get compliance. She walked over to me, nose to nose, and says "Mama, don' talk to me 'ike 'at." What was I supposed to do? I laughed! She is so funny. It was like looking in a mirror and hearing a recording of ME. Scary!

Needless to say I told her off and she went to get the diaper. Little booger.

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