Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Wrap Up

Its time to do a 2013 wrap up. I've been thinking about it, thinking about and sharing my 2014 words (intensity and home --yes, home), and trying to decide how to handle blogging.

But first, a story. Because I really want to remember this one.

Last week my Lori was in town so we got together with Mom and Auntie and Michelle for dinner. As dinner ended, we were just sitting in the restaurant talking when the conversation turned to our kids. How the boys would probably be living at home in the basement when they're 25 (hee hee, ha ha) and my Mom then says how "Hannah will probably end up pregnant" to which I said "THAT WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME!" as I looked her straight in the eyes, because for some reason, humor seemed the best way to deal with it. It was honestly my first instinct instead of anger.

Her reply is priceless: "Renee, why would you say that?"

To which I say, "Really Mom? I'm not quite sure how else to respond to that comment." Looking at her like shes a dolt. Which she is.

We finished dinner and our drinks. I left. The End.

But for some reason I can't get over this conversation. Several things occur to me. First, I didn't respond out of anger, nor have I felt any toward her. Something has shifted (thank goodness). Second, that comment is so Kris. That is what I grew up with. Third, why didn't we call her out about the comments about the boys? What is the difference, really? And finally, I think this story sums up 2013 pretty well. I kept my ego in check, and I left happy.

So about 2014. Intensity and home.

I think that intensity is two-fold. Some things I need to be MORE intense about and some things LESS intense about. The trick is knowing which is which. And home. Interestingly, I bought a new book, Happier At Home by Gretchen Rubin (sound familiar? like The Happiness Project?) and when Lori saw it she asked if "home" was my word for the year, so I thought why not? Our money plans this year are all home project kinds of things (tree removal, exterior paint, doors) and why not use 2014 to create a better inside home environment too? Again, Rubin's book explores a theme a month, so I am going to go with it. Her home project actually began in September and ran the school year, but I am going with January through September. See what happens.

So For January, the focus is possessions. My focus will be having what I need, needing what I have. For example, we are doing a LOT more cooking so for Christmas we got new pans -- having what we need. And going through all those boxes in the basement. Do I really need notes from my BFF from high school? Letters from an x-boyfriend? (Needing what I have). I think if I apply some intensity to this project I can get through it quickly! See, its all related ;)

Oh, and I am on a quest to run every day for 30 days (one mile minimum) and to get some Yoga in my life!

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