Monday, November 18, 2013

Catching Up

So, lets see. The past month.

I put in for a promotion at work. I lost.

All-in-all the experience was good. I hadn't interviewed or updated my resume or any of that crap in YEARS. The thing about me is, I don't do well trying to focus on two things at once, most of the time. For instance, I was working on my resume and totally spaced off the doctor's appointment for Hannah. Dinner was non-existent for two weeks or so while I debated the pros and cons of this position. The kids' school work went down the tubes, I don't know what else I lost track of. Bills, laundry, cleaning.

I made it to the second round interviews (so I didn't totally suck). THE DAY of the second round, as I waited to hear back, my son came home from school with very bad reports. A failed reading test (or was it two), several missing assignment (WTH?!! we worked on those!!), and I don't remember what else and I was seriously thinking "There is no way I can take this job" when the phone rang. "I'm sorry, The Boss didn't choose you." ... "S'okay, I couldn't have said 'yes' after the way the past hour has been. Thank you for the opportunity."

Truthfully, I am a little bummed. Still. BUT, I am very glad I went through the process, I definitely remembered a few things about myself (that pesky can't-do-two-things-at-once-thing) and I learned that I can go through the whole thing with few champions. I only shared with a few people that I was even trying. It was definitely challenging my own ego by keeping it quiet. I had some solid counsel though, but made sure the decision was my own. In the end, a really good experience. Will I try again in six months or whenever? I'm not sure. Am I okay with who they chose? It doesn't matter. Can't change it, can I? And trust me, I struggled with that for an entire week. I hate to say it, but "it is what it is." Best quote of the whole thing? I got the call for a second interview, I was telling the kids and my Hannah says "Mom, they accepted you." She has no idea how much those words meant to me. Stopped me in my tracks. It's all I want in life, to be accepted.

Fast forward to November 12, I turned 43. Holy crap. Forty Three. What have I accomplished? Well. Not a whole lot, but I have finally arrived at the place where I don't really care. I take care of myself, I take care of my family (unless I am applying for a job) and I like where I am. I like who I am (finally) and screw those of them who don't like me. I'm totally digging my 40's, wouldn't trade where I am right now for anything.  It was a totally uneventful day. I actually worked a short overtime shift because everyone else was either working or in school, so what was I gonna do? Sit home and feel sorry for myself? Nope. So I worked.

The previous weekend I took Hannah to the West Side of the State for HER birthday. She has been saving for an American Girls Doll. Seriously, could I have a more girly-girl? So we made a weekend of it. Friday after school we left, Monday we came home. The in-between times were spent shopping, hiking, driving and shopping. The American Girls Doll stores are an Experience. They have everything a girl could want for her doll. Beds, accessories, clothing a hair salon. Yes, a hair salon for dolls. An Experience. Oh, and they have a Bistro so you can fuel up for more shopping. We did the whole she-bang. Shopping, Bistro (with a birthday package), more shopping and a hotel. What a weekend.

Those are the big things from the past month. I know there were some smaller things thrown in there, but ... well.

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